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Bangladeshi Trending E-commerce Evaly Recent Bike Offers and Evaly Bike Offer 50 Cashback

You may know that Evaly is now a brand E-commerce in Bangladesh, Evaly now selling Car, Home item, Food, and grocery item on their shopping site. But Evaly is most famous for Bike offer from their starting.

Today In this post, I will share with you some experiences about the Evaly Bike offer, Then how to get a brand new bike from Evaly with a 50% cashback offer. Then I will write some tips for you about Evaly offer problems, or What type of problem can you face when you try to get an offer bike from

About Evaly Bike Offer

When Evaly started their business, The company created many campaigns on “Evaly bike offer Yamaha” But after catching a huge amount of attention, Evaly reduced the bike offer and focused on other offers like Evaly car offer, Evaly travel offer, and so many Evaly offers.

Evaly offer model
Evaly now publishing these type of offer

So now, If you want to buy a brand new motorcycle from Evaly, Then you need to flow their Facebook page timeline, When Evaly publishes a new campaign about “Evaly Bike” You just need to make an order from their offer page.

But before making an order from Evaly offer, please remember these things on your mind, You may face these type of problems:

  • Additional delays during delivery.
  • If there is no product at the time of delivery, Evaly will hand over the refund cheque, But cannot cash out this cheque instant, You need to wait at least 1 to 3 month for cashout.
  • You may be harassed a lot, or you may be frustrated.

Sometimes you can face these types of problems, But not in all time. Now, If you are ready with these conditions, Then you can order a Motor Bike from Evaly cyclone offer.

Evaly Bike Offer 50 Cashback

Many people searching online about the Evaly bike offer with 50% cashback, Now I will tell you details about Evaly 50% cashback offer.

How to work Evaly 50% cashback offer?

If you purchase a product from Evaly with a 50% cashback offer, You will get 50% cashback money in your Evaly wallet, not in your real bank. When you will receive the product, At the same time you will get this cashback on your every wallet, You can buy the Evaly product by using Evaly wallet money.

Online Shopping site like

Now some online shopping also flowing the Evaly theme, You can buy bike and others product from their website, Sometimes these sites not have any bad record. No, I will list 2 shopping sites names, These sites are trustworthy and will give you product delivery at the right time.

  1. Aleesha Mart – This shopping site is now created a trustworthy market in Bangladesh. Aleesha Mart is so famous for bike offer in 36% discount. This site delivers offer product within 30 to 35 days. That’s great.
  2. Dhamaka Shopping – Dhamaka Shop is famous for 28% offer, This site also trusted in Bangladesh. You can buy a bike from this site instant of Evaly.

In Bangladesh, Many websites now created like Evaly, If you are looking for sites like Evaly then you can see Online Shopping Site Like

Which company bike sell Evaly?

Evaly trying to sell almost all company’s bike available in Bangladesh, You can understand this when you see Evaly bike offers. Some of Evaly bike offer Titel bellow:

  • Evaly bike offer 2021
  • Evaly bike offer Honda
  • Evaly bike offer Yamaha
  • Evaly motorcycle offer
  • Evaly bike cyclone offer

Is Evaly Bike genuine?

Recently Bangladeshi authorized Yamaha company dealer ACI said: Evaly not selling authorized product and selling some lower quality product, But Evaly owner Mohammad Rasel claimed all product is genuine and authentic. Bangladeshi famous news media Prothom Alo published news on this topic. News Link Here. ACI Limited also sent a low notice to Evaly to stop selling duplicate Yamaha Bikes.

Follow These page for Evaly latest bike and others cyclone offer

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