Top 10 Women best professional wrestler of all time

Women best professional wrestler of all time

Top 10 Women best professional wrestler of all time

Mickie James

Mickey James made his WWE debut in 2005 in a seemingly innocent role with Trash Streets, his "biggest fan." In a bizarre twist of events, James was directly involved with Strauss, which created another amusing and bizarre controversy between the Davis. James Davis remained a center of strength, having won five WWE Women's Championships before being eliminated in 2010.

 Torrie Wilson

Tory Wilson was undoubted. By the time he entered the thumb in 2001, he was still at the top of the WWE doubles position until his last departure in 2008. Meanwhile, Wilson covered Playboy in '03 and '04 and presented the reality. Shows, video advice, and even music venues.


To say that Melina was a "competitor" in the WWE would be an exaggeration. During her career (2004-2011), Melina was one of the hardest heels in the WWE and was seen fighting with almost every drug out there, claiming two WWE Davis Championships and three Women's Championships. 

 Trish Stratus

There's no arguing that Trash Streets is a WWE sub-meeting Davis with its color. Straits came on the scene in 2000, and there was an ease of quick-sightedness, and on the other hand, WWE was the most recognizable identity (which included men and two people). The accolades included the WWE Medicine of the Decade, the WWE Care Champion, the four-time PWI Woman of the Year, and the seven-time WWE Champion.


Leila L. Carnival is aware of the situation of a dancer for cruise lines. But, Leila Booth is related to Rakin '(online) illness and some heat. So he did not lose the life of a Miami Heat lawn dancer and a member of the 2006 franchise. Leila is also a dancer of Kanye West.

Terri Runnels

The WWE was first introduced to the world in 1996 with Terry Runnels. He looked like Goldist's mysterious, smoking manager, who was really the husband of life at the time. After the divorce in 1999, the name of the rentals disappeared from the ring. Spent time in a stable boat with these beautiful Maine Sisters, then took over several other tasks.


Sable was not the longest-serving member of the WWF, but it has been a hot red era since she appeared on the scene in 1996. Sable's Beauty She won three Playboy covers, including the same year (1999).


What did Victoria's television area think of the wrestler's reputation as a member? In Sister Season, the father faces eye-opening lucrative opportunities. What some people know about Trash Streets is that most parts of a DWWE career ('02 -'09) include two parts for people. Being forced to compete in every match for a while. Victoria left the WWE to become a two-time Women's Champion, and in '04 was the PWI Women's Annual.

Stacy Keibler

Not every Stacey Cabler remembers the name "weapon of mass greed." The names of the most suitable came from this fact, if they are in reality, even in the talent ring. Fortunately for Cabler and his fans, 2001, he contributed well to his beautiful long tan from 2001-2006.


The list of WWE Divas cannot be long without this woman who was previously considered a Diva, Sunni. The original Diva first made a name for itself in 1995 as manager of The Bodydannas. By '96, Sunni had already taken power by winning the PWI Manager of the Year award. As soon as she woke up, she left the WWE for good, as rumors about Sable and alleged drug problems led to her dismissal in '98.